‘Silicone implants didn’t let me sleep’, Rakhi Sawant

Controversial item girl Rakhi Sawant reveals some very personal secrets aboutrakhi-sawant her. She spoke in length about silicone implant as how painful they are. She has got rid of silicone implant as it was very painful and did not let her sleep peacefully.

“There’s nothing artificial in my body now. I got my implants removed because they were painful and I couldn’t sleep or do cardio because of it. Now I feel better, I can finally sleep peacefully”, quips the item girl.

Rakhi Sawant has again gained attention for her bizarre demands, she is hosting a TV show on NDTV Imagine and has asked the channel for C-String panties. Confirming the rumor of demanding C-string panties for the show, she said, “I have always been a step ahead when it comes to style. It’s true that I demanded the show producers to get me a C-string because it’s important that panty lines don’t show in short dresses. My dresses look more beautiful when I wear a C-string. I’m the first Indian celebrity to wear it on television.” So was it comfortable to wear? “It’s comfortable though I used to fear that it might fall off!”


~ by bollywoodnewsgosip on July 27, 2011.

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