Sting Cancels Kazakh Concert

Sting has cancelled a concert in Kazakhstan on the advice of executives at humansting rights group Amnesty International.
The rocker-turned-activist was due to perform in the capital city of Astana on Monday, but has now scrapped the gig after learning of a dispute between bosses of an oil company and its workers.

Hundreds of employees of KazMunaiGas Exploration Production have allegedly been sacked for going on strike in a protest over pay cuts and Sting has vowed to support them by cancelling his concert in the country.

A statement posted on Sting’s website reads, “Amnesty International feel his (Sting’s) presence in Astana will be interpreted as an endorsement of the presidents’ administration and surely will go against everything he has stood for, while supporting Amnesty and the fight for human rights, for the past 40 years.”

Sting adds, “Hunger strikes, imprisoned workers and tens of thousands on strike represents a virtual picket line which I have no intention of crossing. The Kazakh gas and oil workers and their families need our support and the spotlight of the international media on their situation in the hope of bringing about positive change.”


~ by bollywoodnewsgosip on July 4, 2011.

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