Aamir Khan spotted with his ex-wife Reena

Blockbuster ‘Lagaan’ completed 10 years and on completion of 10 years, the castaamir khan and the crew celebrated and remembered the making and the huge success of the movie. ‘Lagaan’ was also nominated in the Oscars. At an event held to mark the great achievement, Aamir Khan was spotted with his ex-wife Reena who was the executive producer of the movie.

Aamir married Reena at an early age. He debuted with ‘Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak’ and Reena appeared in the song, ‘Papa Kehte Hai’. Their marriage lasted for 15 years and had two children Junaid and Ira. They later filed for divorce and cited ‘temperamental differences’ the reason of separation.

Reena was the executive producer of the movie and Aamir remembered how dedicated and supportive she was during the making of Lagaan. She once scolded Aamir when he arrived late on the shoot.

Aamir met Kiran Rao on the set of ‘Lagaan’. She was the assistant director of the movie. 3 years after the release of ‘Lagaan’, Aamir and Kiran got married. Though sperated, Reena hold no grudges against Aamir and they are still friends.


~ by bollywoodnewsgosip on June 17, 2011.

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