Ranveer opts out of ‘Shaitan’ due to sex scene

Ranveer Singh was supposed to debut with Bijoy Nambiar’s ‘Shaitan’ but he optedranveer singh out due to bold scene. He auditioned for the role and was selected but later when the script was narrated to him, he backed out due to sex content.

After he walked out, the role went to Gulshan Devaiah.

An industry insider revealed, “Ranveer was like any other struggling actor at that time. He hadn`t signed BBB then. He was one of the first guys auditioned and selected for the role. Bejoy immediately decided to cast him. He loved the energy and spontaneity RS brought in front of the camera.”

However, a sexually explicit scene made Ranveer backtrack. “Ranveer loved the part and agreed to do it. However, he chickened out later on as his character was supposed to be introduced in the movie in a sexually explicit scene. The actor told Nambiar he wouldn`t be comfortable debuting with such a bold scene. His family also had their reservations against the role,” the source added.

However, the scene was omitted to suit India audience.

The source further added, “Though it was a risky call but I am glad that Ranveer took it because it worked in his favour. Everyone has his or her own dos and don`ts. Ranveer comes from a conservative family. Moreover, he wanted to do a solo hero film. He then waited for the right film to come his way and made a great start with BBB.”


~ by bollywoodnewsgosip on June 15, 2011.

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