Sonakshi donates KBC money to Salman’s charity

Sonakshi Sinha who sat on the hot seat of Bhojpuri version of KBC hosted by herSonakshi Sinha father Shatrughan Sinha has donated a good sum of the prize money to Salman Khan’s charity ‘Being Human’. Salman means a lot to Sonakshi. She idolizes the actor and respects him from heart. She even walked the ramp for ‘Being Human’ and spotted wearing the ‘Being Human’ T-shirt in various occasions.

The show is being hosted by her father Shatrughan Sinha. Says the Dabangg actress, “It’s a charity I know, trust and believe in. I’ve seen the money move in the right direction. A lot of us want to help the needy. But how to ensure the money gets to the right place? I know the money is used to help those who need it.”

On the show, Sonakshi spoke in Hindi while her dad in Bhojpuri. “I had never seen him talk in Bhojpuri. He did it very well. I’m looking forward to doing a film with my dad.” Sonakshi did not reveal the amount she has donated.

~ by bollywoodnewsgosip on June 3, 2011.

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