‘I don’t want to wear my underwear outside’, Salman

Salman Khan who is riding high on the success of ‘Dabangg’ said that he is notSalman Khan interested playing a superhero. His brother Sohail Khan is keen to rope his superstar bro in his flick, ‘Sher Khan’ to play a superhero but Salman turned down the offer saying, “I am not interested in being a superhero. I don’t want to wear my underwear on the outside nor do I want to be bitten by a spider. I prefer being SAL-MAN.”

After the success of his latest flicks, Salman Khan became the most ‘Wanted’ actor in Bollywood. He refused to play a superhero in Sohail Khan’s film but if the latest rumor is to be believed the actor has been approached to play a spy with super powers in Kabir Khan’s next.

“The film will be shot all around the world at different locations. It’s an espionage thriller on the lines of X-Men where Salman plays an undercover officer as a spy who also has super abilities that are hidden from others. The film will have a lot of special effects,” a source informs.

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~ by bollywoodnewsgosip on April 26, 2011.

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