Rekha says no to Rajinikanth’s ‘Rana’

Rekha who is going to play old aged Rajinikanth’s ladylove in the highlyrekha anticipated movie, ‘Rana’ has at last said no to the project. Two reasons are cited for her rejection. Firstly, she has demanded a hefty amount for the role and secondly, her part was cut short.

Rekha is one among the three heroines of ‘Rana’ and the other two are Bollywood beauties, Deepika Padukone and Vidya Balan. Rajinikanth will be donning a triple role in the film and Rekha was to play his ladylove. The producers of ‘Rana’ are not ready to accept her quoted amount and hence Rekha calls it a quit.

Director KS Ravi Kumar has made some changes in the script. Moreover, Vidya Balan is also uncertain about signing ‘Rana’. During a recent press conference when she was asked to comment on ‘Rana’, she just passed away.

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