Rani Mukherjee ignores Yash Chopra

After the disaster of ‘Dil Bole Hadippa’, Rani Mukherjee is keeping distancerani mukherjee from the Yash Raj camp. Not once but she snubbed Yash Raj Films head three times during a recent award ceremony. Both crossed each other’s path couple of times but Rani did not share pleasantries to the senior member of the film fraternities.

An eyewitness narrates the incident,“Everyone who walked past Yash Chopra spoke to him with utmost respect. Even those who saw him at a distance went up to him and greeted him. However, Rani did not make any such efforts.”

“She arrived at the function a bit late but she passed by Chopra at least twice, without looking at him even once. Moreover, both Rani and Chopra were standing quite close to each other at the bar area, where they had a good chance to mingle but they didn’t. While leaving, Rani kissed a few colleagues goodbye and left with a friend,” the eye witness added.

Everyone present at the event shocked to see Rani’s behavior. Rani is said to have an alleged relationship with Yash Chopra’s son Aditya Chopra and this did not go well with Yashji. Aditya has filed a divorce from his wife Payal and his family blame Rani for the break-up as they love their daughter-in-law Payal a lot.

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~ by bollywoodnewsgosip on February 16, 2011.

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